Families silenced by secrets, lost heirlooms, and a ruthless killer… 

When Suzy Harte learns on her wedding day that her bridegroom-to-be has been hiding a huge secret, jilting him at the altar seems the best option. What she did not anticipate was being found in Eastcove’s church cemetery in her wedding dress with a bloodied knife in her hand and a lifeless body at her feet.

To make matters worse Suzy uncovers more of her bridegroom’s secrets and discovers he has found a valuable diamond ring. With the discovery of the ring, Suzy becomes entangled in a dangerous web of lies. There is someone else who wants the ring and will stop at nothing to have it, not even serial murder. 

With the body count rising Suzy races to unravel the mystery behind the ring, stumbling across years of family secrets while the killer closes in. 

Can she unscramble the secrets before it is too late, and will she find true love again, or will the secrets that silenced many before her lead her to a grisly end?

(This book was previously published under the title “Unveiling Christmas”)