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Should the cost of love be a life?

Aria Anderson has always been an incurable romantic. One winter’s evening, amid a torrential downpour, she literally runs into the man of her dreams.

Daniel Valente is tall, rich, handsome, and everything Aria could ever have wished for. After a whirlwind romance, they marry and the cracks begin to show. Isolated from her friends and family, Aria’s dreams turn to nightmares as Daniel changes from lover to tormentor and back again, capturing Aria in a continuous cycle of coercion and control.

Years later, Daniel mysteriously disappears, leaving Aria to manage his vast estate. Revelling in a newfound sense of freedom, Aria doesn’t realise there’s someone else who wants everything she has and is carefully biding their time, watching Aria from the shadows.

Will Aria ever unravel why Daniel disappeared? Will she lose all he left behind, or will she lose something far more precious than money: her life? And given the option between the two, which would she choose to save?

Although this book is the third in the ‘Eastcove Lies’ series it is standalone. Each book in the series is set in the fictional town of Eastcove, with some characters crossing over from book to book.

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